Growing up in Sterling, Virginia, Anhthu has been exposed to many different cultures and walks of life. Her experience to so many divergent foods and lifestyles, is one of her primary reasons in beginning Churrology. The passion and love she has in expanding her horizons with adventure, in addition to her ambition to share those experiences with the area she has grown up in, is profound. Originally planning on being a Nurse, Anhthu did not think several years ago that she would be where she is today, learning that committing to the medical career path was not for her. Anhthu’s time working at Chasin’ Tails since her college days, has made an influential impact on her growing interest as a rising entrepreneur. With the backing of her mother, who not only provided a column of strong support, but also helped craft such delightful recipes; instilled a sense of motivation and empowerment that resulted in the inauguration of Churrology. As her family and friends continue to offer secours, Anhthu has chosen to be a pioneer within Loudoun County, in bringing a new and diverse perspective through her enthralling churros.